Tuesday, May 7, 2013

inRESONANCE training conference (May 1 - 3)

I have just returned from a three day training conference (May 1 - 3), hosted by inRESONANCE, the provider of our admissions, enrollment and registrar database products.  The training was tailored mostly for administrators who need to understand and use their Keystone, Generations and Portal products.  Like most training conferences, you have to pick and choose what you will attend, while wishing that you could be in three places at once.  I decided to focus on the Keystone product and then attended the more advanced developer classes.  I was impressed with how thorough and client centric the lessons were.  The technical classes were only moderately technical but valuable in that they demonstrated more advanced solutions applicable to real reporting questions.  I highly recommend this training for anyone who is looking for a thorough hands on introduction with moderately advanced training to help you address your evolving reporting needs. 

-Michael Hawkins

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