Sunday, December 2, 2012

EdTech Teacher iPad Summit 2012

I attended the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit on November 6-8th at the Harvard Conference Center, and WOW! there was a lot to learn! The pre-conference session was a great way to get myself into the right mindset and learn about how to think about iPads in the Elementary Classroom. The speaker, Tony Perez, created an agenda using the C-R-C-D Framework from Ben Scheiderman’s book, Leonardo’s Laptop.
  • Collect: gather and research information
  • Relate: make connections and collaborate to solve problems
  • Create: construct content and demonstrate understanding
  • Donate: contribute to the class or a broader community
A common theme during the whole conventions was that as educators we should not find apps to teach our students, but focus on the learning objective we want the kids to understand, and then adding technology into the lesson to help re-enforce the objective.

Apps for Collecting & Relating Information: The iPad is changing so fast, how do you keep up? How can you keep track of everything that your students create?

Apps for Creating Information

Screencasting apps are becoming more popular in education around the globe. Screenchomp, ExplainEverything, and Educreations are a few of the more popular apps of their kind. Screencasting apps allow you to make a video and audio recording on the iPad, while you draw move and erase with your finger! I have already begun to brainstorm about how my students can storytell and narrate using screencasting apps, and I hope to document their learning throughout the year.

More Creating Apps


Apps for Donating Information

"Think about how you could use the photos, audio recording, and note taking features of Evernote to collect and assess student work. Students can also have all of their iPad projects organized into Evernote by emailing to their specific Notebook." (Tony Perez)


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