Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ipad Summit (by EdTechTeacher)

Three days of ipad summit (put on by EdTechTeacher) was awesome! One of the best conferences I've attended in the long time. Here are my takeaways.

Keynote take aways: 

  • With all things tech, first ask “Why?” This was kind of a theme
  • It's not about the iPad or apps We have heard that allot
  • "There’s no app for good teaching" Tom Daccord
  • "How can I put students in creative learning environment?" Was a question on everyone's mind
  • "Innovation is a team sport" Doug Kiang
  • Consume, Curate, Create and Share This was another theme

    What is the most impactful and significant aspect of iPads?

    • The iPad simplifies the technology This came up a lot
    • iPad as a digital organizer But saving to the cloud is a fundamental change
    • It’s not always about the apps It's often about the workflow
    • The Camera Roll is King I agree with Beth Holland
    Apps take aways


    • Step back in time with What Was There
    • FlipBoards allows you to browse tons of web content as if you were flipping through a newspaper
    • Puffin Web Browser allows you to use Flash-based content on the iPad

    • Notability allows you take notes and annotate PDF
    • iBooks allows you to mark up and highlight text inside of PDF’s or e-textbooks
    • Socrative allows you to quickly poll your students. Students can use Student Clicker and PIN code to join your room
    • You can use QR Reader to read OR Codes
    • You can generate QR Codes for free at this site
    • Check out this poster with embedded videos you can red with QR Reader!
    • Print Friendly allows you to convert web pages into PDF’s that you can annotate
    • iPad X Macbeth interesting integration of an ipad in english classroom

    • Haiku Deck allows you to create beautiful slideshows with Creative Commons images automatically
    • Create a screencast with photos with FotoBabble
    • Create and narrate a series of images with VoiceThread
    • Create screencasts with Explain Everything
    • NearPod allows you to broadcast and control slideshows on individual iPads
    • imovie puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips.
    • GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio
    • Experience the power of Visualize with Viz
    • The easiest and fastest way to make cartoons on your iPad. Cut anything out of your photos and move it on the screen. PhotoPuppet HD will record everything you do.

    • Evernote allows you to share and organize notes
    • Google Drive syncs and organizes files from your Google Apps account

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