Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Google Apps for Education New England Summit

On Saturday, November 3rd and Sunday, November 4th, I attended the Google Apps for Educators New England Summit at Burlington High School.  The absolute best time of the whole two days was the "demo slam" at the end of the conference where 12 individuals got up on stage for 3 minute demonstrations.  I saw someone recording their voice into a google doc using two devices at the same time.  I saw a demonstration of IFTTT, a service that lets you create personal "recipes" using automated "if this then that" statements.  For example, if I take a picture with instagram, compile it into google drive; or if I am tagged in a photo on FaceBook, send me a text message; or if this blog publishes a new post, send me an email.  I was also introduced to a very cool website "What do you love?" which searches many Google tools at once and presents the results very visually.  Lastly, I saw a presenter chat in multiple languages with people internationally using gmail chat and google translator.  If you invite the translator robot to the chat, it automatically translates whatever is said into another language, so two people speaking two different languages can have a conversation.

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