Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teaching Students How to Cross the Information Street Independently

Google Apps For Education November 3-4
Listening to Jamie Casap's Keynote, I couldn't help but get excited about helping students and teachers learn how to curate the information around them. Jamie discussed 21st Century Learning  learning in this century, and how kids and adults are accessing new information everyday.

 Jamie brought up some really interesting questions such as, What will work look like for our graduates in 2037? How do we prepare kids for jobs we don’t know what they look like? Jamie believes Americans will be working high-technology jobs that entail communication, collaboration, curating information, teaching, and networking.

Here are a few top take aways I had during the keynote:

Preparing our students cross the information street today, so they are ready for tomorrow.
I   Check out the skills and tools we can use (as teachers) to prepare our students for future jobs.

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The image above is called an Inforgraphic, and was created in
Infographics are graphic visual representations of information. 
Keynote Thoughts That Inspired Me:

 [We need to]“Teach kids how to think, so we don’t need to teach them how to memorize.”

"The web is not a fad, and we need to teach our students how to be digital citizens and leaders. Teach them how to cross the street."

"Making sense of all the information, building search skills, teaching kids which videos are worth the time and energy to watch."

What would Plato or Einstein think if they saw kids having to hide their cell phone in school? “What do you mean you make them check that thing at the door, you have the world’s information at your fingertips!?”

"Learning happens any place and anytime"


“You don’t have to know everything, just get good at something that you want to know, and utilize each other.”

Photos From Jamie's Keynote:

  • Technology is not new if you are born into it. For a 5 or 6 year old the iPad 1 will be the worst technology they see in their lives.

Jamie's son uses his netbook to watch a YouTube video and learns how to beat a level in his video game. "Learning happens any place any time"

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